4 hours-500.00

8 hours-800.00

Full day service,

10 P.M. cut-off 

Digital Images~

150 images-350.00

300 images-700.00 



I love weddings...

New Love, new lives,

family and friends. 

Weddings are crazy special

and I give each one special attention.  That's why I only do a few each year and why I am pretty particular about what I shoot.  Small wedding, less than 8 attendants?  Perfect.  

Weird wedding? Fantastic.

 Bowling alley, ferry boat, grave yard? 

I am your girl. 

Larger weddings are a beautiful thing and if you are planning one, let me know. I can recommend some amazing photographers that specialize in more traditional photography. 
I am a story teller, If you ask me to photograph your wedding, I will create for you the best

"Story of Your Day" that I possibly can. 

Sound like fun?

 Let's schedule a consultation so I can hear all the details of your wonderful day.